Susan E. Brown Website

Contemporary. Balanced. Multi-colored.

Hired by:
Susan E. Brown

Hired for:
Visual Direction, Website Design

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Susan is a professional interior designer. Devoted and hard-working, she has a great talent and passion for helping her clients redecorate, renovate and renew their home interiors, in a manner that matches their unique styles.

Susan came to me looking for a fresh new site, as clean and sharp as her interior design skillset. She had a lot of recent projects and photos she wanted to add, but was frustrated at the overall design of her site. It was confusing to navigate, and lacked full-sized photos to give the viewer a good understanding of her work.

We threw out her old site and rebuilt from scratch, which actually saved many work hours and project weeks from the overall design process. The new site puts her work front and center — from fullscreen covers on the home page, to detailed and lengthy galleries specific to each design project.

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Working with Noah is like working with someone you have known and trusted for years. His professionalism, combined with his genuine passion and commitment (and whimsy) for his art, make for a successful and very fun process!

— Susan E. Brown