Maribeth Boelts Website

Whimsical. Bookworm-y. Kid-powered.

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Maribeth Boelts

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Visual Direction, Website Design

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Maribeth is a children's book author. In addition to writing award-winning stories, she has a passion for visiting schools and inspiring the storyteller in young students nationwide.

Maribeth needed a new website with a fresh look. Something professional yet approachable. Kid-friendly, without being loud, cartoony and obnoxious. The website also needed to accomplish a few key elements: showcase her published books, describe her school visits, and make it easy for others to reach her.

The result is a tidy one-page site that puts this Maribeth's passion for storytelling front and center. It gives the viewer everything they need to know about the author, while also being a quick read to keep things light.

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Oh, my new website makes me so darn happy! Dazzling, fresh, creative, and with a unique "spare but warm" feel that I'm not sure any other designer could have captured. In some immensely magical and talented way, Noah can translate vague and random ideas from a client like me, into a website that perfectly reflects and communicates who I am to readers, and how we can engage with each other.

— Maribeth Boelts