John Nesheim

Calculated. Number-crunching. Tax man.

Hired by:
John Nesheim

Hired for:
Visual Direction, Website Design

Hired in:

John is a certified public accountant. When he's not attending finance classes at a night college, he's working full time at a local accounting firm. 

Let's rewind for a sec. John had just finished his CPA training, and now desperately needed a job. As such, he asked me to come up with a full branding package for himself. He required: 1) a website, 2) a Google Apps for Work account 3) business cards, 4) letterhead and 5) a résumé. It was to be professional, clean and cohesive. Something polished that would make a statement and give John an edge in the competitive field of accounting.

The result is a one-page CV website that looks good everywhere, on any device. I chose a classic serif typeface (Georgia) for use throughout the design, with lots of white space to keep the content sparse and punctual.

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