Isles Bun and Coffee Website

Sweet. Salty. And a whole lotta sassy.

Hired by:
Isles Bun and Coffee

Hired for:
Visual Direction, Photography, Website Design

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Isles Bun and Coffee is a bakery straight from heaven. When they're not winning "Best in Mpls" awards for their Puppy Dog Tails,* they're kicking ass as one of Twin Cities' most-beloved bakeries.

Isles needed a website that brought them up to speed with today's web standards. From responsive design to selling their sweets online, they wanted something as fresh and hip as their crew. 

From diverse delivery options for buying their pastries, to heavy doses of sass and sugar throughout, the new Isles site attempts to capture the heart and soul of the humble Mpls bakery.

*Worry not, PETA: no canines were/are harmed in the creation of Puppy Dog Tails.

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