Foot Wedge Pro

Fore!play. Sportmanlike. Well-below par.

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Foot Wedge Pro

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Branding, Website Design, Visual Direction

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The Foot Wedge Pro is not your average golf club. In addition to functioning as a 52° gap wedge, this gem features a grooved toe-jam for punting, and a bottle opener (because of course it does).

Franco Marraffa, founder of the Foot Wedge Pro, asked me to propose a website for his new product. He needed branding from the ground up, including a logo in multiple formats, social media setup, professional photography of the product, an e-commerce website and more.

The site needed to be professional and minimal, but without taking itself too seriously. In other words, equal parts smart and smart ass. Franco loved white space, and wanted it to feel tidy yet not too sparse.

The result is a fully-functional e-commerce website for promoting, informing and selling the club online, complete with super hi-res product shots, all in glorious retina-ready display.

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Noah totally understood what I was looking for. He was great at staying in touch and always available when I had a question or idea. He immediately gave me peace of mind that he was the right guy for the job. Noah completed the project under budget and in perfect time. The site looks great, works great and is making money!

— Franco Marraffa